Piezography 100% pure carbon printing

Our cutting-edge historical photographic process. Piezography, invented in 1994 by our founder Jon Cone! Piezography uses high-tech inkjet printers, replacing the color ink with ten gradations of 100% pure carbon ink and operated with Piezography software.

Piezography Carbon printing stands out by offering tens of thousands more gray levels than other popular printing methods on Canon, EPSON, and HP printers.

The prints exhibit enhanced tonal rendition, superior acuity, an extended dynamic range, and a deeper black.

This pure carbon ink set contains no color pigments, ensuring no fading or shifting. With a half-life of 5,000 years, it will outlast any paper we print on. Our printing papers are the ultimate in archival quality.

You can choose between two different carbon ink sets. Type 1 is a more traditional carbon with a warm undertone. Type 2 is a new generation of carbon which has a cooler undertone.