Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard turn around time and when will I receive my order?

Our standard turnaround is 3-5 business days. The shipping option that you choose is based on the time it takes to deliver to you after your project is completed and not when you order.

What is the ideal resolution of an image to upload?

It would be ideal to have a resolution in the cropped image of 360 pixels per inch. But, our processes do well with images of lower resolution as well. We are limiting our cropping tools to 150 pixels per inch. We will not print below 150 pixels per inch.

I have a Leica Monochrom camera and I make pictures in extremely high resolution, will I see the effects of that?

Absolutely! Our processes are unique in that our printer drivers can print at twice the normal resolution resulting in much higher acuity than you may be used to.

I use an iPhone as my camera. Is it good enough?

Yes! We have made prints up to 20x24 inches that look terrific. The iPhone has an excellent camera.

Can I upload any image even if I am not the photographer?

There is no restriction to the images you upload. However, the copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material. Cone Editions Press is not responsible for any copyright infringement as a result of a customers actions. The person using our services is liable for any infringement. You should make sure that there is no copyright restrictions on what you upload.

I do not have a way to turn my color images into black & white before uploading, can you do this for me?

Our system will display your image in monochromatic when you upload and begin to crop it. This is where you can see what it looks like as a monochromatic image. If it looks good to you go ahead and crop and add to cart.

Do I need to do anything special to my images before uploading?

If you can convert it to grayscale go ahead. If you can't our system converts to grayscale on upload. But, you should make sure that your images look the way you want them to in terms of contrast and tonality. If you send us an image that looks poorly to you it will print poorly. Our processes are designed to replicate what you see on your screen, but of course in monochromatic.

I keep getting a warning that my images are too low in resolution, what can I do?

You should either choose a smaller size print to have made, or choose a smaller crop. For example, if you reduce the size of the image on our layout you will receive a smaller image on the sheet.

What is the red line on the cropping window?

The red line is where your image ends, or is cropped to. The small area beyond the red line is a non-printing area or what we call the paper margins. It is usually a half inch of non-printing paper for safe handling.

What if my images are square or do not have the same aspect ratio of your sheet sizes?

You should still place them as you like on the paper. It is not always necessary to fill the sheet. In other words, you can place a square image on a rectangular sheet if you like, rather than crop your square to become a rectangle.

What if I receive back a print I do not like?

We will try and work with you on how to improve your images, but our system does replicate what you send us. If you are unsure of the quality of your images or and your photography please start with our smallest sizes before you go large. Defects and quality issues are always less apparent in small size.

I want to give our daughter a platinum print as a precious keepsake of her wedding, but I do not have the confidence to choose which of my photos would be best. Can I send you some photos and you help me choose?

You can, but you should contact Cone Editions Press to collaborate with us in the making of this print rather than use the online services here. The rates are higher when you collaborate, and we will interact both with you and with your work in the production of a fine print. You can start that conversation here.