Image Uploading Requirements

We print our black & white process from either your grayscale images or from your color images which our website will convert to grayscale when you upload them. There are some minimum resolution requirements for our processes and our website will not allow you to submit or / and crop an image if it does not have enough resolution. If you are not an expert in using imaging applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture1 just upload your image and do any cropping on our website.

All of our print processes have a safe handling paper margin. We show that to you with a red dotted outline when you are cropping your image to the page size you selected. We do not "bleed print" to the edges of the paper on most of our products with the exception of Piezography Carbon facemount in which case you can crop to the edges of the template or leave your image within the edges and it will be trimmed down to your image.

Our system is pre-calibrated to produce prints that are as close a match as possible to the tone and contrast of how your image displays on your screen. The process is technically democratic. We make beautiful prints from cell phone cameras, scanned film, DSLR, Instagram uploads, medium format captures. Naturally we would prefer to print from uncompressed files, but we do make beautiful prints from nearly any type of image file.

Having said that, our processes do not enhance poor quality images. If your image is blurry looking the print will be blurry looking. If your image is out of focus the print will be out of focus. And now having said that, we do offer an AI imaging enhancement button on our website that will allow you to see the before and after effects when your image is a little less than you wish. Give it a try.