Longevity and Fade

Piezography Carbon

Although produced by inkjet, Piezography Carbon has the distinction of receiving the highest rating EVER for fade-testing at the Aardenburg Imaging Archives. How long did this test indicate a Piezography Carbon print will last? The test progressed for so long, and without ny visible change, that it was eventually stopped to make room for other materials that can fade. The Piezography tests did not indicate a Delta E difference of more than 0.7 which is significantly below the threshold of human vision (about deltaE 2-5 depending on age). After all, carbon has a half-life of 5,000 years. It is one of the most durable materials on Earth. Even diamonds are made of carbon. No other printer on this planet can boast as archival a printmaking system as Cone Editions Piezography Carbon; the only 100% carbon printing system.

Platinum Printing

Platinum prints have the distinction of being one of the most permanent forms as well as the most beautiful form of black & white expression ever invented. These prints have more panache than inkjet, are eminently more collectable, considered to be the most valuable of photographic collectables, and have similar fade resistance as our pure carbon printing. Platinum prints can last thousands of years. Platinum is a noble metal meaning it cannot be transformed into different compounds or corroded. During platinum printing the image is fixed into pure platinum that bonds molecularly with the pure paper fibers. The paper used for platinum printing is amongst the purest in the world.

Photogravure Printing

Although no study has been undertaken in the historical fading of the Photogravure process, we produce our prints with 100% carbon ink rather than using color pigments or blends. No additional oils nor modifiers are used. We favor a paper that printmakers have been using for centuries. A photogravure print produced at Cone Editions will stand the test of time. It is also a medium which has been highly collectable. Because it is immediately noticeable that it has been mechanically printed it achieves a high level of panache.

Piezography Multi-Tone

Piezography Pro inks are a mixture of color pigments with a synthetic organic carbon. They have a similar longevity to EPSON's ABW black & white process, but Piezography Pro displays significantly better fidelity by printing with tens of thousands more gray levels. You can still print with confidence with this process. These prints will not fade during your lifetime - but for significantly higher longevity nothing can beat Piezography Carbon. We do expect the color components of Piezography Pro to shift over time to reveal more of the monochromatic carbon. So like traditional historical photographs they will take on a patina different from their original state.