Why this printing service is less than Cone Editions regular price list

Cone Editions Press is a collaborative printmaking studio and we normally interact with our customers and more than often we take responsibility for imaging the work. There are special needs and conversations that take place, even if just on email. Sometimes our customers come to work directly with us. Therefore we charge more when you interact directly with us and have us look at your images, edit them or make suggestions and go back and forth as needed.

This online printing service is not about that. You take responsibility for your imaging and how the images are placed on the paper. When you order they are rendered at print layout resolution and sizing and we either make a 100% carbon print from that resultant file, or a digital negative for platinum printing, or image it directly to a metal photogravure plate.

At Cone Editions in our traditional processes we may be asked to produce a number of proofs, or try different inks, or produce different versions and that process becomes expensive. Those clients if they are not relying on our expertise are engaging in their own experimental processes and expenses become much higher as a result.

With our online service we realize that most photographers are really excited by their images, or have learned to take full responsibility for their imaging and adjustments, or intend to use this service as a way to gain that experience and expertise at lower costs. The reality is that photography is very subjective when it is personal. It becomes far more objective when one intends to display works in a museum or gallery. Therefore, we offer two levels of service. But because our processes are fully calibrated we are confident that our online printing will meet your expectations.

If you are an expert in imaging and calibration and want to take advantage of our online services pricing we have a page just for you.