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5x7 Ready to print Photogravure Plate

5x7 Ready to print Photogravure Plate

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Paper Choices

Nothing to see here. We leave choice of paper up to you. We happen to like Copperplate and Rives de Lin in our studio. They print well with our plates. But the amount of choices for your studio is huge - including chine collé which we like Kitikata and mistumata papers...

We make the highest fidelity photogravure plates on Earth! And the highlights and unprinted paper margins are easy to wipe clean. These plates produce prints that match your display images. So no need to compensate. There will be no visible dot or screening. We can easily separate all 256 gray levels of an image file. They are durable. You can ink with water-based or oil-based etching inks. Wipe with polyester wiping cloth rather than tarlatan. Prints exceptionally well with slightly dampened paper (wet pack is ideal). Cleans easily with SoySolvII and water and stores easily with just a protective wrapping of paper. This is the exclusive Green Mountain Plate - super high-fidelity!
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